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Photographing 3-D Art

One of the most common issues that crops up in juried shows is the quality of submission photographs. Now that everybody's phone is a multi-gigapixel camera, it seems that the quality of digital entry photos has fizzled. It's not that we cannot make good photographs, even with our phones—we are artists, after all. But taking quality presentation pictures is not a simple point and shoot operation, and to do it well, you need to follow some very basic principles. The videos below illustrate the issues you need to consider if you are going to photograph your own work. These videos are very timely as we are preparing to enter our work in the upcoming California Sculpture SLAM exhibit.

Otis College: Digitally Photographing your own Three-Dimensional Art. Otis College Faculty Chris Warner demonstrates how to Digitally Photograph your own Three-Dimensional Art, specifically, sculpture in both artificial and natural light...

Photographing your Art: 3D. Robert Muller, photographer for the Cleveland Institute of Art, shows you how to photograph your artwork for your portfolio...

MICA Career Resources: How to Photograph 3D Art with Dan Meyers.

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